Once you are a candidate

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Once you have completed the nomination process, you may begin campaigning. You can also access the candidate information hub for the following:

  • Important information related to running in a municipal by-election
  • The Candidate Financial Filing System which will help you track your campaign finances and complete your Financial Statement
  • The voters’ list (available in April 2024).

Campaign spending

There is a campaign spending limit. The limit is outlined in the nomination package.

Make sure to check the nomination papers to know the maximum amount you can spend on your campaign to avoid penalty.

Accepting contributions

Campaign contributions include any money, goods or services that you receive for your campaign.

As a candidate, you can only accept contributions from residents of Ontario.

You are not allowed to accept contributions from:

  • Corporations
  • Trade unions
  • Non-residents of Ontario
  • Federal political parties, constituency associations, or a registered candidate in a federal election
  • Provincial political parties, constituency associations, or a registered candidate or leadership contestant
  • The federal or provincial government
  • A municipality or a school board

Contribution limits

The amount you receive from each contributor cannot exceed $1,200.

If a contributor decides to contribute to more than one candidate, the combined total they can contribute is $5,000. Contributors cannot exceed this amount for the 2024 By-election.

As a candidate, you are responsible for informing contributors of the contribution rules.

Financial Statements

After the election, you must disclose your campaign finance information to the City by filing a Financial Statement with the City Clerk’s Office.

All Financial Statements filed with the City are made available to the public according to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Campaign signs

There are rules about the placement and use of campaign signs. Make sure you understand all the rules and requirements relating to campaign signs. The information is in the Sign By-law.

If you have questions about campaign signs, please contact the City of Mississauga’s Citizen Contact Centre by dialing 311 within City limits. If you are calling from outside of the City, please dial 905-615-4311.

Appointment of a scrutineer

A scrutineer is a candidate’s representative who observes the voting process at a voting location.

Candidates can appoint scrutineers to represent them at voting locations on voting days.

Check back in May 2024 for more information.