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Third Party Advertisers

Filing Your Financial Statement

All registered Third Party Advertisers must file the Ministry prescribed Financial Statement Auditor's Report - Form 4 by March 29, 2019 by 2pm. You can submit your Financial Statement via email to election.office@mississauga.ca or in person Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in the Office of the City Clerk, Civic Centre, 2nd Floor, 300 City Centre Drive.

If your campaign contributions (including contributions from yourself) or campaign expenses are greater than $10,000 you must have your financial statement audited and include the auditor’s report when you submit your financial statement to the clerk.

For more information, review these Frequently Asked Questions. If you require assistance completing your Form 4, please contact the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at 416-585-7041 or mininfo@ontario.ca or seek independent legal/ accounting advice.

What is a Third Party Advertisement

A third party advertisement is an advertisement in any broadcast, print, electronic or other medium that has the purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing a candidate in the election, or a “yes” or “no” answer to a question on the ballot.

Who can be a third party advertiser

Any individual, corporation or trade union can register to be a third party advertiser as of May 1, 2018 and can file a registration until Friday, October 19, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

Only those who have registered can spend money on third party advertising.

The following are eligible to register as a third party advertiser:

  • any person who is a resident in Ontario
  • a corporation carrying on business in Ontario
  • a trade union that holds bargaining rights for employees in Ontario

If 2 or more corporations are owned or controlled by the same person or people, or if 1 corporation controls another, they are considered to be a single corporation. If the same person or people own or control multiple corporations, only 1 of those corporations may register to be a third party in a municipality.

There is no restriction against family members of campaign staff of candidates registering to be third party advertisers. However, third party advertising must be done independently of the candidate. If a person with close ties to a candidate wishes to register they should consider how these activities may look to the public and how they would be able to demonstrate that they were not working in co-ordination with the candidate.

Who cannot be a third party advertiser

The following are not eligible to register as a third party advertiser:

  • a candidate running for any municipal council or school board office
  • groups, associations or businesses that are not corporations
  • candidates in the provincial election prior to the Provincial Election Day
  • Federal and Provincial political parties
  • The Crown in right of Canada or Ontario, a municipality or local board
Where to register

An individual or a representative of a corporation or trade union must file a Notice of Registration (Form 7) with the municipal clerk in person or by an agent. It must have an original signature – the form may not be a copy, and may not be scanned and submitted electronically. There is no registration fee.

Registration forms will be accepted in the Office of the City Clerk, 2nd Floor, Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga.

Third Party Advertisers Guide

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has produced a Third Party Advertisers Guide  to provide information to candidates in municipal and school board elections.

Who is registered
Name Registered
Concierge Marketing Inc.
64 King Street East, Millbrook, Ontario, L0A 1G0 | 1-877-912-0612
Email: alex@uncovercommunitydevelopment.com
Website: www.uncovercommunitydevelopment.com
Campaign Life Coalition
104 Bond Street, Suite 300 Toronto Ontario M5B 1X9
Email: CLC@campaignlifecoalition.com
Website: campaignlifecoalition.com
Uncover Community Development
3-161 Duke St., Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1X9 | 289-919-1984
Email: alex@uncovercommunitydevelopment.com
Website: www.uncovercommunitydevelopment.com
Justin M. Alexander
102 Lakeshore Rd E | 905-867-3484
Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
Local 277 Peel Paramedics | 416-669-4152

Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

Contributions to mayoral and councillor candidates in Mississauga elections may be eligible for a rebate. Trustee candidates and their contributors are not eligible for a rebate.

There are rules and procedures that you must follow in order to receive a rebate. View the by-law at the following link for details:

Municipal Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program
By-law 0067-2017

Eligibility for a Rebate:

  • the candidate you are contributing to must be enrolled in the Rebate Program
  • you are a resident of Mississauga and are contributing to a candidate who is registered to run for office of Mayor or Ward Councillor
  • your contribution is received during the candidate's campaign period
  • you are eligible to vote in the 2018 municipal election
  • your contribution is monetary – goods and services will not be rebated

The following persons are not eligible for a rebate:

  • a candidate in the election
  • the spouse or child of the candidate

Rebate Receipts

Once enrolled in the Rebate Program, candidates will receive rebate receipts from the Elections Office. These receipts must be signed by both the candidate and contributor in order to be eligible for a rebate. Candidates are required to submit a copy of all rebate receipts to the Elections Office at the same time they submit their completed Financial Statement – Form 4. Contributors must also submit their rebate receipts either in person to the Elections Office or via email at elections.rebate@mississauga.ca by April 30, 2019.

Rebate Calculation

Rebates of 25 per cent of the contribution will be issued for monetary contributions of $25 or more. No contributor is entitled to a rebate of more than $150 for all contributions.

Contributor Responsibilities:

  • know and follow the contribution rules in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and the Contribution Rebate Program and fulfil the program requirements
  • provide all information required on the rebate receipt
  • update the candidate if personal information changes
  • provide the copy of your rebate receipt to the Elections Office by the deadline in order to receipt a rebate.

Issuance of Rebate

Rebates cannot be issued until the compliance audit period for financial statements has ended. Once the compliance audit period for financial statement has ended, the Elections Office can start to process eligible rebates starting in July 2019.

Campaign signs

There are rules governing the use and placement of campaign signs. Please read the  Sign By-law for more information.