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The next City of Mississauga municipal election is on Monday, October 22, 2018.

People eligible to vote will be voting for the Offices of Mayor, Ward Councillor, School Board Trustee and Peel Regional Chair.

Candidate Nominations begin May 1, 2018.

Contact information

Office of the City Clerk, Elections Office
Mississauga Civic Centre 300 City Centre Drive, 2nd Floor Mississauga, ON - L5B 3C1

Questions? call 905-615-VOTE (8683) or email public.info@mississauga.ca

For information regarding the election of the Peel Regional Chair, please contact Tim Ivanyshyn, Legislative Specialist, Region of Peel at 905-791-7800 extension 4326.

Election News

February 22, 2017
Mississauga Council Approves Election Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

July 7, 2016
City of Mississauga to implement ‘Vote Anywhere’ for the 2018 Municipal Election